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Local Data Hub 

At Mono, we're all about data-driven websites. With the help of the LSA, we've commissioned a report to help understand how data on websites can help drive business for SMBs. Download your copy today!


the local data hub

The report focuses on the future of SMB websites and how, if not the end destination, they are still critical for SMBs in the era of structured data for technologies e.g. voice search. The report includes the following topics:  

  • Websites still matter
  • Websites support buying decisions
  • SMBs want better websites
  • Consumers want deeper information
  • Websites complement review sites
  • Websites as 'local data hubs'
  • Expanding the definition of data
  • The websites in the value chain
  • Websites today - and tomorrow

The report was commissioned by Mono Solutions, and put together by the Local Search Association (LSA).

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If you have any questions or ideas about The Local Data Hub, please feel free to reach out to: